Who is the Springfield Gourmet Taco Company?

We're about tacos, mostly. We're pretty much the Yoda of taco stuff. Wait. We're like if Martha Stewart and Yoda had a baby, and it was a taco baby. That's us, except we have significantly higher levels of coolness, because tacos are cool (see fine print*).

All of our taco shells are locally raised in two-parent households. They are organic and grass fed. They are free range, allowed to roam our parking lot—mind the drive thru, yeah? They are well educated and enjoy reading the classics. They are gregarious, feeling equally comfortable within the company of our aged balsamic glaze or homemade salsa. Also, SGTC tacos are the preferred prop for hand model photographers.

*fine print: Tacos are cool.

Call: 417.315.8745

Email: info@gourmettacocompany.com

Dining Room & Drive-Thru

Monday - Saturday

11am - 9pm


11am - 4pm


Springfield Gourmet Taco Co.

3120 E Sunshine St.
Springfield, MO 65804

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